PreTest - Available VM Downloads

PreTest's goal is to provide pre-built virtual-machine images of Free-Software POSIX-compliant operating systems, ready for testing autotools-based programs.

Usage examples and more information at

Available VM Images

OS Image Type Download Download Size   
(xz, compressed)
Alpine-Linux 3.3.3 build-ready 127M 659M
clean-install 83M 423M
Alpine-Linux 3.4.6 build-ready 129M 561M
clean-install 84M 320M
Alpine-Linux 3.5.2 build-ready 76M 371M
clean-install 61M 316M
CentOS 6.5 build-ready 270M 1.3G
clean-install 313M 1.4G
CentOS 7.0 build-ready 395M 1.4G
clean-install 277M 1.1G
Debian 7/kFreeBSD build-ready 257M 864M
clean-install 252M 770M
Debian 7.6 build-ready 193M 987M
clean-install 294M 1.2G
compilers-pack 763M 2.7G
Debian 8/kFreeBSD 10.1 build-ready 418M 1.3G
clean-install 338M 1.1G
Debian 8.1 build-ready 339M 1.4G
clean-install 215M 1.1G
DilOS 1.3.7 build-ready 690M 2.7G
clean-install 319M 1.7G
Fedora 20 build-ready 313M 1.5G
clean-install 215M 1.1G
Fedora 21 build-ready 365M 1.4G
clean-install 289M 1.1G
Fedora 22 build-ready 474M 1.4G
clean-install 232M 822M
Fedora 23 build-ready 625M 1.6G
clean-install 558M 1.3G
Fedora 24 build-ready 691M 2.0G
clean-install 679M 1.9G
Fedora 25 build-ready 628M 1.8G
clean-install 415M 1.4G
FreeBSD 10 build-ready 248M 1.2G
clean-install 174M 873M
FreeBSD 10.1 build-ready 248M 1.2G
clean-install 181M 917M
FreeBSD 10.3 build-ready 262M 1.2G
clean-install 190M 960M
FreeBSD 11.1 build-ready 441M 2.0G
clean-install 374M 1.8G
FreeBSD 11-p1 build-ready 348M 1.1G
clean-install 280M 850G
FreeBSD 9.3 build-ready 450M 2.1G
clean-install 406M 1.8G
gNewSense 3.1 (Debian based) build-ready 175M 881M
clean-install 303M 1.1G
GNU-Hurd 0.5 build-ready 296M 1.9G
GNU-Hurd 0.6 build-ready 304M 1.6G
clean-install 233M 1.3G
GNU-Hurd 0.7 build-ready 402M 1.7G
clean-install 184M 919M
Minix R3.3.0 build-ready 307M 1.2G
clean-install 44M 462M
MirBSD 10 build-ready 94M 653M
clean-install 44M 321M
NetBSD 6.1.4 build-ready 216M 909M
clean-install 119M 646M
NetBSD 7.0 build-ready 429M 1.2G
clean-install 331M 917M
NetBSD 7.1 build-ready 412M 1.2G
clean-install 333M 924M
OpenBSD 5.5 build-ready 250M 830M
clean-install 238M 767M
OpenBSD 5.6 build-ready 344M 981M
clean-install 333M 914M
OpenBSD 5.7 build-ready 83M 556M
clean-install 71M 484M
OpenBSD 5.8 build-ready 80M 541M
clean-install 71M 483M
OpenBSD 5.9 build-ready 82M 546M
clean-install 72M 482M
OpenBSD 6.0 build-ready 85M 567M
clean-install 75M 503M
OpenBSD 6.1 build-ready 354M 1.9G
clean-install 72M 480M
OpenBSD 6.2 build-ready 235M 1.1G
clean-install 224M 956M
OpenIndiana-Hipster 2015-03-30 build-ready 969M 4.7G
clean-install 584M 3.0G
OpenIndiana-Hipster 2017-05-02 build-ready 1.3G 5.0G
clean-install 598M 3.0G
OpenIndiana 151a8 build-ready 789M 3.5G
clean-install 673M 3.1G
OpenSUSE 13.1 build-ready 300M 1.4G
clean-install 298M 1.2G
OpenSUSE 13.2 build-ready 300M 1.3G
clean-install 163M 779M
OpenSUSE LEAP 42.1 build-ready 352M 1.6G
clean-install 294M 1.4G
Trisquel 6.0.1 (Ubuntu 12 LTS) build-ready 351M 1.8G
clean-install 738M 2.4G
Trisquel 7 (Ubuntu 14.04 LTS) build-ready 301M 1.5G
clean-install 188M 1.1G
Ubuntu 14.04 LTS build-ready 249M 1.4G
clean-install 463M 2.0G
Ubuntu 15.04 build-ready 295M 1.5G
clean-install 264M 1.4G
Ubuntu 16.04 LTS build-ready 384M 1.6G
clean-install 262M 1.3G